Diabetic Foot Care and Neuropathy Lower Extremity


Over the years as a specialist in foot and ankle problems I have come to appreciate the devastation that diabetes can reek on the foot. In addition to poor circulation, a growing problem has been that of the neuropathic or insensate foot due to diabetes. 

Diabetes can cause problems ranging from mild neuropathic pain to ulcerations and deformities. All told this can result in infections that can cause loss of limb and life. I and the members of the NYU/Hospital for Joint Diseases team are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of these problems.

For this reason I helped co-founded the Diabetic Foot and Ankle Center at the Hospital for Joint Diseases (NYU) in New York City . 


Together we treat patients with a team of podiatrists, orthotists, physiatrists and social workers to educate, evaluate and treat the myriad of problems that attend this underserved and misunderstood population.


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