People suffering from a painful ankle due to arthritis now have a predictable alternative to ankle fusion: Ankle arthroplasty or a “total ankle replacement”. Ankle fusion or arthrodesis until recently was the gold standard for the treatment of end stage ankle arthritis. Fusion Will predictably relieve the pain from arthritis at the expense of loss of ankle motion.  Studies have shown that the present generation of ankle replacements  can give a person relief from their pain with the chance to maintain or improve their ankle’s range of motion. 


Why Ankle replacement:


With ankle arthrodesis,the painful joint  is cut out and the bones are made to “fuse” or grow together eliminating the pain and motion. The rate of successful fusion ranges from 85-95% percent BUT it is 100% guaranteed to give you a stiff ankle . In addition, over the next 10 years  arthritis in the joints below the fusion can become arthritic in response to the increased stress. This can become increasingly painful and require further treatment even further surgery. Ankle replacement will in most cases relieve the pain just like a fusion but maintain or in prove ankle motion that is critical for a normal gait and  using stairs and decrease the stress on the joint above ( knee/hip) and below the replacement.


Like any major surgery patient section was well as meeting a person’s expectations is critical. Ankle replacement is not for everyone but it is a worth while option to explore. The procedure is very exacting and experience in its performance is key. At the time of surgery the ligaments may need to be adjusted and any pre-operative deformity corrected.


Perfect patient:


-Medically able to under anesthesia ( aprox 2 hours or less)

-Over age 55 ( I have done patients as young as 27 with appropriate informed consent)

-Weight less than 250-270 ( this is not absolute )

-painful ankle unresponsive to conservative therapy

-good bone stock (osteoporosis under treatment OK)

-no previous history of ankle joint infection

-Understanding that there is a possibility of the need for revision of some or all of the components with an ankle fusion being the salvage procedure


Dr. Sheskier has had experience in performing ankle replacements for over 15 years. He has been trained in several different ankle replacements and will fit the prothesis to your ankle’s specific needs. He sucess rate is comparable to that found in the literature. He haas experience in revision of total ankles as well as converting failed ankle replacement to a stable fusion.





S.T.A.R. (Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement)

Has participated in GrandMasters round table discussions limited to top Surgeons performing STAR procedure. Dr. Sheskier has given instructional courses on its technique. He a participant in a multicentered in a long term follow up study on the STAR ankle. Only 3 piece mobile bearing prosthesis approved for bone ingrowth. The STAR ankle has the longest clinical followup of all of the ankle replacements available.


InBone Used in selected cases complex deformities and revision total ankle replacements as well as primary in selected patients. 


PROPHECY Total ankle systmem: Exciting computer generated guide system is available for outpatient total ankle replacement


Salto Talaris Total Ankle Prosthesis: used when stability is of the ankle is an issue.