Dr. Sheskier:  Is a Board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in ANKLE and FOOT surgery and diagnosis:Treating  fractures, sprains, ankle arthroscopy, knee arthrosopy, sports medicine, general orthopedics and dance medicine. Second opinions on complex problems of the lower extremity.


INJURIES/ FRACTURES can be seen within 1-3 days                        CALL 212-604-1366     

SURGERY PERFORMED SAFELY@ NYU affiliated Sites: Rigorous State restrictions in place for patient safety

Telemedicine Available: 5 days/week



+INSURANCES: United Health, ,Medicare, No fault and Workman's Comp

  Will work with out of network patients Including GHI ;-)


+ offices in Manhattan and New Jersey       [Click for locations)


+ Expertise in surgery of complex foot, ankle and knee ailments. This includes: ankle fractures, sprained ankles , ankle arthroscopy, knee arthroscopy, tibia fractures, foot fractures , achilles tendon injuries,revision surgery as well as custom orthotics.
+Dr. Sheskier has been performing total ankle replacements for over a decade.


+Clinical professor of orthopedic surgery @ New York University part of the Foot and Ankle Division


+Operating  npriviledges @ NYU/Hospital for Joint Diseases and the  Jersey City Medical Center 


******NEW****  3D generated orthotics are available ********